Madeline loves Jesus and people and is called to love on both: primarily through

worship. She believes that worship is a way to spiritually wash people’s feet and

thinks it’s an extraordinary way to open doors for people to enter the throne room

of GRACE. Madeline is the oldest of 5 kids and daughter to two amazing parents.

She was raised in Mexico City where she became fluent in Spanish, has lived in

Costa Rica, Ireland, and Spain, and is excited to see where the Lord will take her

feet in the future. She can be found leading worship, spending time with Creator in

His creation, and enjoying black coffee with the people around her. An

Enneagram type 3, she is a mix of intensity and laughter, boldness and

celebration, and is called to represent joyous and hardworking attributes of God.

She is excited to love on the women who attend Flourish 2019 through praise!